en | God exists because is named, but when we talk about God we talk about what, exactly ?
Jean Toba gives us his amusing, funny and original thoughts on the idea of God. He makes a little tour of the definitions of God and of the idea of God in the collective unconscious as well as in his own, starting with the image of a very, very bearded God, extremely bearded, until being Santa Claus. He reminds us that God is also a family name, a person as ordinary and original as you and me. Jean Toba gives us a short list of some contemporary or past references related to the use of the name of God by going on the point of view from the cinema and the History. To conclude he gives us his own current definition by insisting that each we have ours. It's fun, It's typical of him and it's to meditate without getting crazy.
guardian angel, beard, bearded, cinema, ecology, evolution, humor, free thought, obituary, santa claus, philosophy, theology, western
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