en | In my garden, a rooster, lyrics and music
Jean Toba likes to go down to his garden, he gathers rosemary and many other things according to his inspiration and when he hears the rooster sing, it inspires him lyrics and music. This rooster pleased so much to Jean Toba that he included it in a small "adultursery" rhyme. Yes, you will hear the rooster sing ! It is on a background of psychedelic pop music with harpsichord, vibraphone and synthetic strings that Jean Toba tells this morning meeting in his garden. Played on the electric guitar, the rooster's song is particularly successful. In the end, Walter Conrad Davies gave him the immense pleasure of bringing his dazzling guitar touch, stylized on the desks of the Brookl 'in jazz academy of New York. It's up to you to enjoy it.
nursery rhyme, popular song, poetry, rooster song, saturated guitar, garden, psychedelic pop music, harpsichord, vibraphone, synthetic strings
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