Jean Toba (en) | Music, speech, noise and silence
One fine morning sprang up in Jean Toba's consciousness a deep and whole thought about Music. This Tobaian reflection is the result of years of listening attentively to all that emanates from Music.
music, noise, silence, quote, thought, reflection on the music, sense, awareness, definition, speech, mind, universe, perception, infinite, unconsciousness
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Music, speech, noise and silence

Music is the complement of speech, noise and silence which connects our body and our conscious and unconscious mind to all the sensitive and insensitive, perceptible and imperceptible, finite and infinite universes. — Music, speech, noise and silence

One fine morning, in my mind, this thought is made mine. There was no point in keeping it to myself. I believe that it will find a favorable echo in a few other people and this prospect honors and pleases me.