Jean Toba (en) | All music is playable, all music is listenable, but not with everybody.
At the time of the defense of biodiversity, Jean Toba defends, in his own way, musicodiversity, inspired by a reflection by Pierre Desproges about laughing at everything, but not with everybody.
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Music, diversity and biodiversity

All music is playable, all music is listenable, but not with everybody. — Music, diversity and biodiversity

And long live the “musicodiversity” !

Nowadays, the defense of biodiversity is present in our minds and that’s very well. Here, it is a question about praising the “musicodiversity”.

“Musicodiversity” is a wealth for humanity, but it is a fragile one, it must be defended. Like everything on our Earth, this wealth can disappear if we don’t take care of it.

The actors of the digital revolution have done a lot for “musicodiversity”, but Power and Culture are confronted with objectives, with realities which tend to oppose them in a permanent dynamic where the very present frontiers of freedom of expression and censorship come and go. Power tends to restrain, tends to silence, tends to imprison, anything that can endanger it, weaken it, ridicule it and Culture, uncontrolled, is often seen as a proven or supposed threat.

Giving diversity a chance is to refuse uniqueness, it is to preserve uniformity, it is to restore all the richness of our cultural and musical world heritage to nourish it. Its digestion is sometimes difficult for some. For others it will not be a problem whatever the size of their ears.

Let us give our consciences time to mature but let’s talk about it and act.


NB: the form chosen for this quote is inspired by a thought by Pierre Desproges saying “we can laugh at everything but not with everybody”.