Jean Toba (en) | wishes of Jean toba for the year 2020
Jean Toba sends all his best wishes, humorous and astrological to a good start for the year 2020.
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2020 i see double

Image of the best wishes card of Jean Toba for 2020

2020 i see double

There was “la vie en rose” (the life in pink), in 2020 there will be the life in double.
2020 will be a great great year year. OKAY ? OKAY ?
Okay, i’m getting sober, this year will not be a drunken year !
What year will be this year in double ?
I think that this year, will be under a double sign !
I think so, because i am born under a sign double, i am Gemini !
May be it will be great for the geminis, but it’s too early to say that !
Nevertheless, it will be an exceptionnal year for everybody !
Why i can say that ?
Use your telescope or your second sight talents and you will see very very very far away, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in the constellation Capricornus.
It’s just a little big planetary aspect that occurs just each four to five thousand years !
So what do you say about it ?
Lucky you are ! Isn’t it ?
And it’s free !
E-NOR-MOUS and free, almost for a year, incredible ! 😀
If i wasn’t so … i will cry.
But go back to our serious post.
If you want to get more , you can have some more, on Yourtube, but “Careful with That Axe, Eugene” ¹.
Don’t go too fast on the Wrongtube, your place in not there, of course.
Now, take it easy and read it again carrefully… with all my best wishes for 2020.
But don’t forget my friend, every year all you need is love.
♪ ♪♪ Love, love, love
♪ ♪ All you need is love,
and then,
i love you,
so !

😘😘😘 😘😘😘


¹ it’s the title of an instrumental piece by the British rock band Pink Floyd