Jean Toba (en) | allegory, renaissance and snail
At the beginning, with a slight backwash, then step by step, to make you dream of a sweet and warm evening in a land of milk and noney; here is ALLEGORIE ! "ALLEGORY" consists of two parts, a first part inspired by meditation, and a second part arising from the after-meditation. Do not see any premeditation. Just see, an all-Taoist association, made of the alternation of musical Yin and Yang of Jean Toba.
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Allegory, Renaissance and snail

Allegory, Renaissance and snail

I invite you to share this gentle and peaceful walk inspired by scenes from “Wondrous Boccaccio” ¹ with remarkable Tuscan landscapes. I particularly enjoyed some sequences, played with a smooth rhythm. Also, in the first part of my “ALLEGORIE”, I voluntarily took the time to put my music slow with the desire to provoke meditation.

The second part, “after meditation”, and without any premeditation, is the warm and “bolerorized” ² complement of the first. Finally, to illustrate the whole, without excess speed, with a nod to my lunar creations, I join you, my ALLEGORIE …of the snail.

image linked with the music entitled ALLEGORIE composed by Jean toba… of the snail by Jean Toba

¹. Wondrous Boccaccio (Italian: Maraviglioso Boccaccio) is a 2015 Italian film directed by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani. It is loosely based on stories from The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio.
². in connection with Ravel’s famous bolero by the way of introducing the instruments.