Jean Toba (en) | tea break and reggae
Jean Toba likes to take his time, take breaks. In those moments, he likes to drink tea, to listen to Reggae. Jean Toba likes what warms. This puts him in a good mood ! With this "Thé au Reggae" Jean Toba invites us to share a bowl of musical tea with very personal jazzy Reggae flavors.
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A tea break and reggae

A tea break and reggae

Reggae is a warm music, the tea too. Drinking tea while listening to reggae music is particularly stimulating and beneficial.

I recommend to you this tasty posology for winter evenings or moments of depression; effect guaranteed !


image linked with the music entitled Thé au Reggae composed by Jean toba
Thé au Reggae – music & design by Jean Toba

Tea, Reggae, “what else?”, As George Clooney ¹ would say.

Well, I will have a more particular thought for Bob Marley ², Mr Reggae. He has combined text and original music to touch the whole world with a particularly humanist message. I always enjoy listening to this immense timeless artist who has contributed to the enrichment of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity. With my “Thé au Reggae” ³, I pay tribute to all those who allowed me to hear this unique music. They have to be blessed !


¹ american actor
² jamaican singer-songwriter
³ it means “tea with reggae flavors”