Jean Toba (en) | holiday atmosphere
ach Jean Toba's music have a particular atmosphere. Black-and-white film-fan, it was normal that Jean Toba uses the famous replica where it is strongly question of atmosphere to share with us his musical beach immersed in a holiday air, somewhere in imaginary Balkans. Good listening and good vacancy …
music, holidays, balkans, beach, arletty, famous replica, musical atmosphere, seagulls
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Holiday atmosphere

Holiday atmosphere

Or how Madame Raymonde found herself in the musical setting of the listenable piece here.


atmosphere_arletty_design_jean-toba_800x600_cmp Atmosphere – music & design by Jean Toba


Everything started from the famous replica said by Arletty aka Madame Raymonde in the movie Hotel du Nord by Marcel Carné.

Nothing better to start a musical work than a few words well felt.

In addition, I can pay tribute to a great voice of the cinema, it is even better !

It is therefore with a symbolic nod, that begins what will lead you, I hope, to the edge of a beach with a very musical, festive and balkanic holiday atmosphere, finally.

And now listen carefully : “Do I have …”