Jean Toba (en) | merry christmas and christmas merry
For an even more original Christmas, Jean Toba offers us to share a merry card, full of energy and poetry. In a champagne sky, close-up, a blue star dances and stands the balance gracefully in the middle of a ballet corps of blue stars.
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Merry Christmas

christmas card

Merry Christmas

Some celebrations are fortunately there to remind us that we are capable of much more than to hit us before the sky falls on our heads.

In an endless loop, after the painful time comes the happy time.

As Kermit would have said, now is the time to laugh, to sing, and I will add to kiss whoever you will want.

Well that’s it, at Christmas we make gifts and it makes you merry ; that’s why Christmas is so merry !

It is with joy that I address you this original image, make in what you will want. You can even share it !

For your gifts if you run out of ideas, offer tolerance, listening, compassion … love, of course !

They are universal gifts very appreciated and then for those who like to offer things to read offer the declaration of the rights of the man and the citizen … It is still and always topical, for centuries and centuries …. Aaahhh men !

Have the merriest of Christmas !