Jean Toba (en) | Droopy speaks, Snoopy thinks, Jtooby jests so much
As a wink to the famous Droopy of Tex Avery and Snoopy by Charles M. Schulz, Jean Toba jests so much and has fun to share with us the funny thoughts of his musicologist dog, Jtooby.
art, humor, relaxation, reflection, symbolic image, philosopher dog, ratter, snoopy, droopy, tex avery, charles schulz, Jacques tati
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Droopy speaks, Snoopy thinks, Jtooby jests so much

linked image with the reflection of Jtooby, the Jean Toba's musicologist dog

Droopy speaks, Snoopy thinks, Jtooby jests so much

I could have entitled this article Dynamic alternation of the opposite, from the abstract to the concrete or the way which follows the composer follower of the Tao but this title I prefer to keep it to people less merry than me.

Like Erik Satie, in love with animals and amusing reflections, I prefer the imaginary speech of a nice ratter. I thus perpetuate the tradition of the dog thinker, companion of funny, poetic and sometimes ferocious moments that Tex Avery with Droopy, Charles M. Schulz with Snoopy and many other authors with their characters knew how to make us appreciate.

The ratter with all its variations is a dog that I particularly appreciate, and is very photogenic. There is just to see its use in the advertisement, moreover it was very appreciated by Jacques Tati who did not hesitate to stage it with happiness in his films.

I hope that Jtooby’s thought will amuse you as she amuses me, and that when you cross a ratter you will look at it differently … smiling