Jean Toba (en) | Collages in color for cinema in black and white
When someone loves cinema, actors and actresses immortalized by black and white images and that someone has a good practice of digital design like Jean Toba, it gives "tributes collages" full of good mood, humor , and sensuality.
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Collages in color for cinema in black and white

  • image of the collage entitled "Mutual aid and vigilance"
  • image of the collage entitled "The park of good mood"
  • image of the collage entitled "Night club so dada"
  • image of the collage entitled "Private dancing room"
  • image of the collage entitled "The expectations of the 60s"

Collages in color for cinema in black and white

I am happy to offer a tribute to cinema in black and white, in the form of collages, with what the cinema has most valuable, I want to talk about actors and actresses, especially actresses who since my childhood under the appearance of fairies or witches, entered into my dreams and my nightmares and then for never stopped sharpening my senses and my mind. See the result !


The Dada movement elevated collage to the rank of art. Collage is a technique that I particularly like as it is adapted today to computer tools and other graphics software. We live in the era of “cut, copy, and paste”, we live in the age of digital collage !


I chose to put black and white images on colored backgrounds. The contrast is greater. The choices were made in relation to the background image, relative to the chosen place. I chose to transform familiar places to show the customary aspect of cinema in everyday life. This increases the paradox between fantasized life and reality. The landmarks are clearer but more disturbing too. This is the magic of the 7th art in the service of collage and vice versa. Thank you Dada !