The beauties of Granada's Alhambra inspired to Jean Toba a glamorous and rocking music treated by the overdrive riffs of a guitar reminding the Marc Bolan's play, glam rock dinosaur dead too early. A nod to flamenco, to iberian music, using castanets, recalls that Jean Toba is a user of musical humour. The music ends in the air of a reverie of the thousand and one nights carried by the dream of an Andalusian Sheherazade ...
alhambra, andalusia, glam rock, marc bolan, overdrive, sheherazade, castanets, granada, thousand and one nights
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Happy who like me, made a nice trip to Andalusia and who once returned home has found inspiration for a glamorous and rocking music.

original image presenting the music entitled ALHAMBRA - graphics and music by Jean Toba

Returning from Andalusia, I did not have castanets at hand but a good overdrive in my toolbox. An overdrive is an effect that is always used when you play electric like me and you like to listen to Marc Bolan’s guitar riffs. It is a sharp effect, even very sharp so it is better to take some precautions. It can become a razor very quickly ; Ouch, watch out for scratches.

Nevertheless i succeeded in finding a sample of castanets, it was necessary to keep some authenticity. I put it at the best time to say : “there, you listen to a music related to the country of people who dance playing castanets”. Take the time to listen, it’s funny !

And then afterwards, carried by the scents of the gardens of the Alhambra, I invite you to the nocturnal walk, the dreams of a summer night …. in Granada. Listen well, there is of Shéhérazade in all that, Si SI señores y señoritas !

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