Jean Toba (en) | Haiku on the way
It is in this poetic form that Jean Toba expresses his perception of the Tao and invites you to meditate on it. What could be more natural, Tao has nothing to do with long speeches, Tao prefers Haiku. Friend reader, take the time, take your time, do not let time take you and carry you away from your salutary awakening.
haiku, meditation, philosophy, poetry, tao, initiatory journey, revelation, hidden beauty
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Haiku on the way

Surround sounds,    rebounds,   around,        music kicks the ground. — Haiku on the way

Haiku and Taoism, just once.

Travel to ancestral China via poetic Japan; Haiku, a light poem as a light clear water, you quench the thirst, you inspire a way back to the Tao.

Net surfer reader, take the time of the happy and profitable meditation, feel the initiatory journey that illuminates, carefully, the conscience.

It is not the most distant or the longest travels that give us to know who we are. It takes only a fraction of a second, a brief moment, to become aware of an essential element … to our life.

Our mind must be relaxed, calm, receptive to receive a revelation. It is like discovering a hidden beauty by removing the veil that covered it, the veil of our ignorance. Discovering the hidden beauty is an art, it’s almost a job, you need a patience of archaeologist. A life will not be enough there, we will need several of them !

Let’s discover our hidden treasures, progress along the paths of initiation, advance along the way of the Tao.

Travel broadens the mind, well then let’s keep it in mind ! 😉