Jean Toba (en) | Music inspired by funny snake charmers
Jean Toba invites you to listen to the music inspired by the comedy entitled "a-haunting we will go" during which, in a variety show, Laurel & Hardy disguised as fakir, charm a big rope instead of a snake.
music, snake charmer, flute, laurel and hardy, a-haunting we will go, jazz, accordion, exoticism, relaxation
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Music, charms and snakes

Music, charms and snakes

All started after having seen the black and white movie “a-haunting we will go” with Laurel & Hardy, during which in a variety show, disguised as a fakir, they charm a big rope instead of a snake. I found it so funny that I took the inspiration of this music from it.

image linked to the music track titled charmer 2 serpents composed by Jean toba

It is well-known that we do not charm snakes with castanets except, perhaps, if these snakes are Spanish but, in any case I prefer the charm of the flute is more captivating and therefore my composition starts with the flute for the sake of authenticity, then the music becomes more jazzy, carried by the daydream, the dream, the meditation.

I am not here at all, guided by the desire to judge the charmers, the snakes and the snake charmers.

Everyone is free to charm who admit to be well charmed. Nevertheless, with regard to the tourist use of snakes, I am not sure that one is concerned to ask their opinion to these charming reptiles …but let’s go back to music, that’s what we’re dealing with here, right now.

So let me wish you a good listening … reptilian