Jean Toba (en) | the infinitely small leads us to the infinitely large
Jean Toba reminds us an obvious, hopeful. Hope gives life, but for Jean Toba, hope is synonymous with relaxation. Jean Toba offers you to relax while meditating on the infinitely small which leads to the infinitely big. It's admirable !
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or when the infinitely small leads us to the infinitely large and vice versa

They are drops of water that made the oceans — or when the infinitely small leads us to the infinitely large and vice versa

The combination of actions as small as they are but in in very great number can have consequences of unimaginable importance so then let us not deprive any !

An individual action, repeated millions of times therefore will  have a global impact; it is good to remember that. All our gestures, even most benign, our passivity, our inactions, all that matters.

There is no need for a big revolution to have an impact on our environment. The projection of repeated individual action on a planetary scale is enough to become aware of it.

Today, close at hand, we have a planetary tool, of course,  I want to talk about the Internet. This tool will be like what we will do or not. Everyone will act in the direction that will suit him, but greater and full will be our conscience and more we can act for the good of all.

This analysis does not have anything original, but I am happy to make it available to visitors/readers. I find this statement formidable and tremendously hopeful; it is up to us to remember it and make good use of it.

Hope relaxes me. Hope and relaxation are the rule here on this site. Hope and relaxation, this alliance has everything to please me, this association has quite its place here. This beautiful union fills a void. It would have been a shame not to fill that void in one way or another. This way I like it a lot and I hope it will please you as well.