en | God exists because is named, but when we talk about God we talk about what, exactly ?
Jean Toba gives us his amusing, funny and original thoughts on the idea of God. He makes a little tour of the definitions of God and of the idea of God in the collective unconscious as well as in his own, starting with the image of a very, very bearded God, extremely bearded, until being Santa Claus. He reminds us that God is also a family name, a person as ordinary and original as you and me. Jean Toba gives us a short list of some contemporary or past references related to the use of the name of God by going on the point of view from the cinema and the History. To conclude he gives us his own current definition by insisting that each we have ours. It's fun, It's typical of him and it's to meditate without getting crazy.
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God exists because is named, but when we talk about God we talk about what, exactly ?

image of God old bearded man with a long beard

God exists because is named, but when we talk about God we talk about what, exactly ?

Are we talking about an old gentleman with a white beard ?

There we approach Santa Claus, it’s rather childish, it’s associated God with gifts. That can be cool especially for toy and other candies makers !

God is quoted everywhere, God exists it’s a fact, but do we believe in ? Do we believe in God as in Santa Claus ?

Some believe in a little, others believe in a lot, others believe in God enormously. I know some people who believe in God madly , and other people have said they do not believe in at all.

To complicate all, the belief is something that fluctuates a lot due to the time, to the seasons, it depends of the happy and or painful experiments, if it rains, if there is wind


Child, in primary school, I was friend with God. This friend, Philip God, his father was a sailor, and he was not the last to blaspheme, oh my God !

Today my belief in God is very different from the belief I had in the past. Belief in God follows the rules of Evolution and of its own evolution.

If you were born Catholic, your belief is sealed perhaps as much than if you were born communist or fundamentalist, but do not worry about, everything evolving and your belief too.

For some, God is a banner when they need to prove themselves to be valiant warriors, for others God is metal that shines and must be unceasingly accumulate till to lose reason, life and those of the others with. God was even a red little book  in the old communist days, today God can be even a french singer, in link with TENNESSEE, for his fans.

Does God love the fools or does he prefer the sharpshooters ?

Even the cinema, reflection of our reflections, does not escape this question. In some westerns, with spaghetti on top, the question is frankly asked. Would God be, despite everything, a revolver for a (white) sheriff in lack of integrity ?

And when I will be dead, will i still believe in God ?

Would God be just a pretext for writing an amazing article *, an absurdity to occupy my thoughts, my life, my desires ? As well as football, fishing or gambling are ? I agree that once i am dead, I, body of flesh, I will not believe anymore, but what about my soul ? But that’s another story.


Me, my belief in God is rather the result of a fusion.

A fusion in the musical way, a mix of kinds, a mix of styles arranged as harmoniously as possible for my rational and intuitive mind. I believe in reincarnation and karma. I drew from Eastern philosophies, from Taoism, esotericism like others do electro by drawing from jazz or hard rock but always with the concern to make all this to delight my ears and my mind. Finally I love the angels, especially the one who keeps me from being too pretentious and serious from evening to morning.

God is a perpetual metaphysical extrasensory dynamic fusion that can take an understandable form by a human being. That’s it, it’s simple, but we should only have thought about that !

Sing, dance, believe what you want, but believe by yourself, do not let others believe instead of you or impose their belief on you, and as Ray Ventura and its schoolboys say “it’s better than to catch the scarlet fever“.

Good smilling transcendentally meditation :)


* This post is part of the 2017-2018 campaign to raise awareness of the cogitodiversity of the vast international movement that argues for sustainable, supportable and reasoned thought 😉


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