Jean Toba (en) | The man with pink hair who calmly pushes a wall
It is inspired by Paul Klee's painting entitled Main Path and byways (in German Hauptweg und Nebenwege) that Jean Toba makes this dynamic minimalistic and symbolic triptych. The triptych depicts the calm force of a giant with pink hair, dressed in a multicolored costume, full of determination who pushes a wall on backgrounds of soft colors.
Paul klee, minimalist picture, symbolic picture, sympathetic giant, inclined wall, poetic picture, calm force, great determination
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The man who pushes a wall

  • image of the man who pushes a wall on cyan background - Jean Toba's logo included
  • image of the man who pushes a wall on alabaster background - Jean Toba's logo included
  • image of the man who pushes a wall on azureish background - Jean Toba's logo included

The man who pushes a wall

This man I owe it to Paul Klee ¹ and i am very glad of that.

I saw this man in a painting entitled Hauptwege und Nebenwege translatable by Main path et byways.

I have at home, in a place favourable for the meditation, a reproduction of this painting and my eyes have been on it almost daily for more than a year and a half.

A few days ago, as I looked at Klee’s painting, the outline of the man who pushes a wall appeared to me suddenly. Ah! Mystery of creation !

The man who pushes a wall it is a triplet formatted in a dynamic triptych. It would be a shame to limit yourself to one version when it is so easy to make several with good drawing software. The juxtaposition of images, whose soft background color changes, accentuates the time it takes for this man to push his wall. The man is tall. The man is as tall as his determination to push this wall of big size. This man has a determination of a giant. He is a sympathetic giant with pink hair and dressed in a multicolored costume.

The wall is not vertical any more, the wall is tilted, the wall leans like the Tower of Pisa for a nod to a legend of a giant who by the force of his arms would have made lean the famous monument of Pisa.

And here is how from Klee we arrive at Pisa  without taking neither the plane nor the train but a painting, a symbolic image and a little imagination but with a peaceful determination of sympathetic giant.

May these images inspire you as much as they inspire me.


1. Mr Paul Klee it is a somebody ! He nevertheless sought to paint music, to give it forms and colors ; a whole program for a painter moreover musician !
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