Jean Toba (en) | Wishes for the year 2017
Jean toba says all that he wishes for the year 2017
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That’s what I wish

the best wishes card of Jean Toba for 2017

That’s what I wish

To all those who think of me and even to others, and kiss who you will want.

Kiss someone to wish him a happy new year will be well to begin the year 2017.

An advice, avoid kissing a “flu victim”, there is better to begin the year, however you can always wish him good health and a speedy recovery, it is comforting reading or hearing these words for a sick person. 😉

But do not overdo it, remember what Jules Romain made say to Doctor Knock : “Health is a precarious state that does not predict anything good.” 😀

So sing, dance, drink, love, pray, … and be glad always with moderation.


Very good year 2017