Jean Toba (en) | AQUA FÊTE BEAT an entertaining musical scuba diving
AQUA FÊTE BEAT is an entertainment in the form of a musical scuba diving. Diving is done in the company of an electro pop music with bluish images of marine animals to make appear exceptional shapes and unexpected colors. The results are amazing. The pictures of the marine animals were taken during a visit at the Aquarium La Rochelle
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Aqua fête beat

Aqua fête beat

Watching the video Aqua fête beat is entertaining by doing an original musical diving without getting wet necessarily.


This dive takes place in the company of electro pop music made up of cello, synthetic percussions, piano, electric guitar, complete with various effects. The music played on a well-marked tempo wants to be festive with aquatic tendencies. Thus made, my music carried in it to be combined with images of marine animals.


The underwater world is a fascinating world, rich in surprising shapes and colors of which the blue is part. Blue is a color that I particularly like, especially very dark blue. I made the choice to bluer the images retained to better make appear exceptional shapes and unexpected colors with the help of specific software. The results are amazing as you will see.


The initial photos of this video were taken by my wife and my daughter during the visit of the aquarium of La Rochelle in May 2015. The aquarium of La Rochelle is an exceptional place where the visitor that I was, Had the chance to admire incredible and superb specimens of our fauna and our submarine flora. That’s why I invite you to watch this video and I wish you a pleasant visit.