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Jean Toba answers 19 essential questions linked with the Music. The answers to these various questions give precise details on the tastes, the preferences and the opinions of Jean Toba about the Music.
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About Music


About Music

Music, to speak about it, nothing better than a questionnaireI wrote and answered 19 questions that i think interestingand even amusing about the Music. I propose to you to read it.

In a music, what do you like the most ?

–  I appreciate a lot when the music is airy, when notes, instruments have room to express themselves and be heard. When music is like this, it stimulates my imagination or calms me until meditation.

In a music, what irritates you the most ?

–  I do not appreciate when the music is too compressed, too overloaded too much. When it is the case, it makes me feel a sense of waste, a sort of discomfort, uneasiness. I do not distinguish any more thing except a soundy pulp too stifling to listen, too indigestible and i do not feel well.

Which is the music that you associate with the happiness ?

–  The festive music inspired by the folklores of Eastern Europe. I think about the music of the movie A Violin on the roof with the famous song “If i was rich man, deebeedeebeedee” …

Which is the music that you associate with the sadness, the unhappiness ?

      –  In the album of Lou Reed who is entitled Berlin, there are passages which inspire me a lot of sadness as this song in which you hear a child crying.

Which are your 3 favorite instruments ?

–  The piano, the double bass or the bass, the cello.

Which are your 3 favorite composers ?

–  Vladimir Cosma, Michel Magne, Erik Satie.

What are you sensitive to listening to a music ?

      –  I am sensitive to its audacities, to its surprising effects.

What are you indifferent to listening to a music ?

–  I am indifferent to the so-called accuracy of the notes, to their exact pitch. Everything is so relative and cultural.

Which gift would like to have to compose music ?

      –  I will like to be able to shorten the time of creation but that seems impossible to me so much the time is a factor of improvement, of maturation.

In music, what reform, what change would you like to see realized ?

–  I think that it would be well to give a more important place to the non commercial music in all its forms, without bias or apriori. We must get out of the bludgeoning of fashionable music. To open the ears and the mind with all the diversity of the vast sound world which is within our reach, and within reach of our ears thanks to all current technologies. Let’s take this chance.

One propose to you to associate your music, which association do you enjoy ?

–  I really enjoy the dance in a natural setting. The dance fascinates me. I like the idea of the body moving in the air, in the nature. The dance gives to the music extraordinary, admirable and surprising visible forms. Look at Pina Bausch, Carolyn Carlson, what talents, what imaginations do they have to use the body in relation to the music.

What music would you like to be performed for your funeral ?

      –  Reggae, it would be not bad !

You are sad, you listen to what ?

      –  I move away from the men, I go to the country, in the forest and I listen to the time which passes, to the wind in the trees, to a cry of bird, to the noise of a brook, to a cat which miaows

You are happy, you listen to what ?

      –  Charles Trenet, Bobby Lapointe.

You are neither sad nor happy, you listen to what ?

–  Jazz, cool jazz.

You meditate, you listen to what ?

–  A soft Arvo Pärt’s music , Morton Feldman.

You do a painful job, you listen to what ?

      –  A song of galley slaves, a requiem with a chorus of parachutists.

You do a pleasant job, you listen to what ?

–  The music that I am composing because if i listen to something else i lost my concentration, i get lost and I end up doing stupid things and there my work is not pleasant at all.

What is the next music you will listen to ?

      –  My composition in progress, with a finger of Arvo Pärt and a few drops of soul music.


Music is to be listened to but there are so many ways of listening to it, so many different moments, different situations to make it exist, that requires some precisions necessarily. I gave some of themvery personal, you can answer these questions also, they will be very revealing the relationship that you have with the music, with you and the rest of the world

In any case, do not hesitate to send me your answers and your own questions.

You can use this questionnaire, be inspired by, communicate it around you.

If you have fun in proposing this questionnaire around you, you will be surprised or comforted by the answers obtained.

In 19 questions it’s not possible to approach everything about the listening of the music, may be soon  i ‘ll be back with a next post, with your questions, with your answers …