Jean Toba (en) | sound, colors and nails
Jean Toba meditationist polycultural musicer rediscovers, with a very personal and humorous way, the discoveries of the brilliant Isaac Newton. What a program !
painting, sciences, humor, musicology, isaac newton
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Sound, colors and nails


Sound, colors and nails

Picaresque and rock’n rollesque study, in the style of Gargan Toba, my ancestor !

From music to drawing without passing by Lorraine, but perhaps with my shoes, hoes, hoes!

Or from sound to color … it’s up to you !

Or it’s not up to you but it would be a pity (in this case make you tell what follows)

I’m going, without leaving, to tell you my way towards the pastels, the gouaches and another “peak, to you raaal or pictorial techniques … until the oil painting…with and/or without olives, but with olives, it is more convivial and painting is digested better.

So the oil painting, very interesting topic, best friend of the man or his noblest conques, you have the choice, would be better than the water painting of  Waterloo according to a certain Tobe Ofnail, hardware dealer, disputed rival (subject to deepened checks in the municipal archives of Pézenas) of the great Bobe Thenail and whose the motto was “a nail from Tobe Ofnail  is a nail that’s worth a wail !”  

This motto was really struck me, i must admit it.

Well let us leave the knocks that hurt and return to our subject.

Finished the prodûcktion of a trâââck to make swoon the carriiibouuus (typical expression of the region of the left bank of the St Lawrence river, near the place called Ourplâââce) i had to pause myself and to ask myself to find there a beaaautifuuul picture to put in a window front of my track  inevitably.

Well, despising all the worries that i will be able to meet, So I embarked on this quest as Lancelot threw the water of the lake without shame in cock-and-bull legends contiguous to a asbestos removed dragon.

Here i am, then,  as Sancho thinking about giant peppers mills or otherwise, thinking about the skins of raccoons of rockies for the greatest happiness of my friend Mc t,  rapper, who says  there is never enough skin in the life”. He has a great sens of humor my friend trapper, oops sorry, rapper.

There even if the skin does not make the monk, nor even the color of its robe, let’s stop to get lost, Gethin say i, to Gethin Fhoggy, my tutor in fantasy literature to which i related this story.

Let’s stop this Bordeaux mixture, say i to myself, while straightforwardly looking at the diffraction of a ray of light, through the prism memory of a concert by the “Pink Fl. Oyd Orchestra” which led me directly to the work of this illustrious philosopher of the eighteenth century, this great apple picker named Isaac Newton !

Curtain end of the first act


The impatients can already applauding me or “throw” what they have in their pockets as a sign of reprobation but it is, here, not the proper place to shout loudly “refund  !,  refund  !” when up to now you have not paid anything.  So there !  Long live to the subsidized-self which i am !


– Beginning of the 2nd act

The curtain rises on a giant prism, a projector turns on, the beam of white light meets the prism and breaks down into a fabulous rainbow … ( ôôoh did the audience )

Here, so the prism and as all that is prism is not any more to prise, let’s look, let’s look, let’s pay attention 2 times to what our great Isaac has discovered.

Everyone remembers, except my aunt Al-zheimer Leontine, that an apple fell on his head, and he was very upset by it, at the point to discover the Gravity of his situation, and then the whole Earth. It hangs by a few things, , a head of Isaac more an apple and pshiiit it’s started to the most incredible discoveries, theories and creations ! When we think of all those who take amphetamines and other exciting substances where an apple is just enough ! Ah ! Ah ! Ah ! Ah ! i still laughs at it …

So let’s talk about this head precisely, for the apple we will see later (see below, epilogue of the apple).

Ms. Newton mother or “Mamunia” as called her little Isaac has often send not bank notes but apology notes to the colleges attended by her darling toddler who frequently pretended headache for loaf in bed or under its favorite apple tree. As the life goes on,  the nap leads to all, and even to the greatest discoveries.

Incredible ! i remained very speechless about it ! Never the less.

Now if there were one to see clearly, it was Isaac Newton. He saw so much well the things, all very white that was the light, he had seen that it broke up into 7 coloured intervals.

 And 7 colored or not intervals, it does remind you of anything my dear STRAVINIVIDI VINSKY 1, right ?

And what do you of the well known 7 intervals or tones of the chromatic scale ?

 And yes, the link was there so, with each color our brilliant Isaac links a note.

And now i take my brushes, my palette and my stool and i replace the C by the green, the E by red and as Kandinsky and Klee, as soon as i realized a masterpiece, “I exhibit.” See you soon at the Louvre Museum with its preserves.


Epilogue of the apple

The apple, fruit of the creative click,  well , let ‘s talk about it.

Still an apple history, you will tell me, yes but Newton did not tell us if he had discussed with a snake a few moments before his great applean discovery.

Looking at the variety of the benefactress apple, this brave Isaac never wanted revealed the variety of His apple, for fear of making wrong the other varieties. Wise man this Newton !

Now have in mind that if Newton had received a banana or coconut, on the corner of the eye, it’s a quite different story i had told…like a story of lamb which frantically sucks a bewitched teat, for example. This story would have not been exciting to read, surely.


1 STRAVINIVIDI-VINSKY is the name of my music lover cat of Russian origin that i talk to often when i have no one to talk to and my sweetie cat looks a bit like Julius Caesar too.