Jean Toba (en) | Avant l'Angélus
nonchalant music composed by Jean Toba titled Avant l'Angélus
jean toba, reverbed guitar, bass, choirs, percussions, vibrato, l'Angélus, walk
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Avant l’Angélus

Avant l’Angélus

This is to a ride with a bass that i invite you, a bit like a horse ride, punctuated not by the horse’s hooves, but marked by notes of my bass.

The steps are struck vigorously throughout the musical path that is revealed at the mercy of this musical promenade. I walk and walk you in company of a bass, enhanced with percussions.

A guitar settles down. The vibrato of a reverbed guitar adds an air contrast. The topic in place, strings reinforce it.

In a second movement, choirs deepen the atmosphere but an ethereal voice comes to bring lightness in its dialogue with the guitar. The percussions provide a relaxed rhythm until the end of the title.