Jean Toba (en) | Jean Toba 's tastes and colors
Jean Toba presents what he likes in music, in painting. He writes about the films, the actors, the directors whom he likes.
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My tastes, my colors

image of 2 faces of Jean Toba

My tastes, my colors

My tastes go from the Neanderthal man until Uranus passing by the Lorraine with my wood shoes … without forgetting Johnny Hallyday, Dalida, The Beatles, Pharrell Williams and Groucho Marx. Vast range to give ourself air and to breathe the richness of diversity. Very early, in my childhood, i could listened to many sonorities very different from the Dixieland Jazz until the Verdi operas without forgetting all the wealths of the accordion of the deep France.

My cultural ears have become very elastic.

You will easily understand in this case that I wish to compose , at the mercy of my inspiration walking on with curiosity, without restriction of any kind in the use of the tools that give me the contemporary technologies out of the paths beaten and extremely well beaten. With new amazing tools, let us try to make amazing musics without prejudging discoveries that we will make or not…Let’s go on the way for new musical, visual , sonorous and humorous adventures, Great God !

For my colors, it is a little similar, i really like the current time because I have incredible digital tools to choose, to build forms and colors. I try to be symbolic in the forms and the content of the images which I build to illustrate my music, my posts. That obliges me to work with more simplicity and it is not to displease to me. I tend towards a form of minimalism, without being too abstract.

I like The Painting, from rupestral to the contemporary it is a formidable cultural asset, because despite censors and merchants, it diffuses, since the time of the caves, a diversity, an audacity, a creativity almost without markers where the music has remained too formatted …

To be complete, early associate of the digital revolution moving on and through all media (DVD, CD, files, etc …), i will say that I love watching and to rerewatch again movies, tv movies or parts of tv shows. I have a weakness for works which make laugh, they are very therapeutic.

My favorite actors and authors go from Michel Serrault to Leslie Nielsen via Michel Aumont, Mireille Darc and many others. In the author side i appreciate a lot a Pierre Tchernia with his Viager or a Blake Edwards with his Party, without forgetting Georges Lautner and his Tontons flingueurs accompanied with famous musical ideas of Michel Magne and then all those which produced us these fabulous tv series full of charm, action, magic, poetry like the Avengers of Mrs Peel or my loved Bewitched and all the others …

The simplicity and humor that’s what i like, i appreciate and which i try to privilege though what i make.


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