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audible and visual artwork by jean toba of what is to celebrate a birthday with his well-known associated musical topic.
jean toba, birthday
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It’s my birthday

It’s my birthday

It is my birthday,
It is your birthday,
It is our birthdays, it is our most sincere wishes, it is, it is …
It is a lot of things together, let’s turn arounda, let’s turn aroundis, and there it is.

The birthday, in a life, it is a time that we don’t forget.
It’s a merry time, sad sometimes, but rarely without emotion.

Today, it is with this musical video  that i solemnly invite you to my birthday.
A musical birthday AmbientoJazzyClassicoPop, very strongly coppered.
This serious small fantasia is in 3 parts:
I quietly pose the melody with my words, accompanied mainly by the stamps of the horn, and the violoncello.
I forward with a more solemn melody reinforced by a synthetic voice.
To finish, i reintroduce the “happy birthday”sempiternal melody.
So, that ends this Tobaïan birthday to which i invite you for 3 minutes and a handful of seconds.
Now, your turn to play, oops, your turn to listen !

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