Jean Toba (en) | For to see smaller it's to think as bigger also
the reasons of this website, this blog, this digital multimedia library
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For to see smaller it’s to think as bigger also

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For to see smaller it’s to think as bigger also

The size is a reason which pushed me to build this elastic website, for a comfortable viewing, as well with a very smart phone even if I did not test yet this site with a stupidphone, as with a beautiful panoramic screen full of good resolution and pixels.

But another reason pushed me to make this website. After the problems of size, it is the problem of the weight. As so often we quickly forget that a site grows without much feed by the way.

My first theater-website was always limited in weight and resources. Indeed music files, and videos quickly weigh much kilobyte to reach MB very quickly what always posed problems of storage to me. Having made weight-loss program enough, having enough drag, deposit my files at the ones then at the others, i thus decided to stop mending as an amateur, for to go pro and make this website, this digital multimedia library with an aim of gathering there the majority of my creations passed, present and future.

For this new website, i chose the method of a blog with jokes because this method combines simplicity, unicity, liberty, hairry and all that it will do to you pleasure to imagine since that rhymes with a good tea … of Darjeeling it’s my favoritea and it rhymes.

Here you know all before all the others, this is what is called having primacy.

And you are not or just a little obliged to congratulate me !