Jean Toba (en) | Prologue or the start of my website/blog by Jean Toba
In this post, i make a a parallel between the man which climbs and that which builds a website. I encounter difficulties envisaged and unforeseen that I must sometimes cross with much sorrow but I will never fall from as high as this admirable man who climbs on the mountain…
starting a website, computer science, Jean Toba
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Photo of a man climbing


Such the one that go to climb the mountain, I start  building my website/blog.

But let us make a small flashback.

A few years ago, I began my life of webmaster building  a first handmade  personnal website using HTML and of course limited on the technical plan but I am very proud because I made a ludic site and original which continues to be visited regularly.

At the same time, on Jamendo,  i wrote posts on my artist blog. Today Jamendo stopped the evolution of it, but this blog had the merit to initiate me with the writing of posts and I start to like it.

That’s why the development of this customized blog gives me now the evolution to which I aspire.

Much remains to be made. The way is full with obstacles. I meet expected and unexpected difficulties that I have to overcome sometimes with great effort and even if sometimes I missed, I will never fall from as high as this admirable man who climbs on the mountain.

To start I have to fix everything that does not go as I will wish it.

For example, I have text which does not appear correctly, will thus know why!

After having launched the dogs, call the police, etc, I have the explanation: it is because of a text of white color which is superimposed on the accused text!
Simple! not?

Let’s remain Zen,  remain Zen ! Great God !

Original picture :